Hello World!

Hi there! My name is akts('Ashish') & you've reached my personal space on the web. I'm a network/system admin turned web developer, who got inspired by Jeffrey Way & xero to write and set up a website.

With a little(a mug .. maybe two of) coffee & a whole lot of metal, I build apps and solutions with JavaScript, Shell and C++.

As of January 2020, I'm a part of the mediwave clan, where we build lean, mean and scalable apps for humans. You can take a look at my resume to know where I've been and what I've done.

The blog

I don't write frequently as I should, but I do note down my musings. Over at the blog, you'll find what makes me tick. The things I share will mostly be about computing (not the hardcore stuff though, I'm still getting there). Most posts will be on random things, that I find interesting in the webdev and *nix realms.

What's the stack bruh!?

Both the site and the blog are just a couple of HTML+CSS files hosted on a droplet. The site is generated from a set of markdown files using a home-grown bash script, powered by lowdown. I used to write in just HTML, but I outgrew that. A dear friend showed me the path.

Why not use hugo or smarty pants SSG? Because I love it. It's fun and I'm just learning about the evil ways of writing things from scratch.

My kryptonite

That's all folks. Hope you have fun reading the blog, as I have writing it.

Have a great time!